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Ultra-High-Limit Disability Insurance

Uses for Specialized Ultra-High-Limit Disability Insurance

High Earners Income Replacement Disability Insurance
It is hard to face the fact that a disability can happen at any time, to anyone. For high-income earners, trying to get by on traditional Income Replacement Disability insurance could result in huge financial losses. All income earners need to protect themselves and their families from the ruinous fiscal consequences of a debilitating injury or illness. Personal Income Replacement Disability Insurance allows people to not only continue fostering their children's quality education and put three well balanced meals on the table, but to continue living in the manner to which they have become accustomed. If people are properly insured, families can continue to live comfortably, even in the face of a temporary or permanent disability.

Traditional Disability Insurance companies generally offer the most comprehensive policy wording but there is one structural deficiency: The traditional carriers have "issue limits" that will not allow a high-earner to purchase enough Disability Insurance to replace their income and protect their lifestyle. The answer is to "top-up" using Special High-Limit Disability Insurance from a specialized insurance provider.

Case Study: Mr. S, age 43, a successful businessman with a wife, three children and an annual income of $300,000. Although he has the maximum monthly disability benefit available through the traditional carriers, it only offers a 47% replacement of his income. This would not be enough income replacement to cover his mortgage, living expenses and the private education tuition for his three children. He needs an additional $4,500 per month in disability benefits to bring his disability income to 65% of his employment income.

The extra coverage is available from our High-Limit Disability Insurance provider.

As well as financial restrictions placed by traditional Disability Insurance companies, some people are deemed uninsurable because of their age, their employment in a risky occupation, the location of their workplace, their medical history, "risky" avocations, or frequent international travel.

There is Disability Insurance available for most working people, who are not satisfied with coverage from the traditional market. Plans can be custom designed for clients from most industries and financial backgrounds.


The intention is not to compete with traditional disability carriers who offer excellent Disability Insurance products, but to supplement coverage where needed, and to offer coverage when other carriers cannot.


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Ultra-High-Limit Disability Insurance Useful LInks

This product is highly specialized with very few insurance people working in this area. Accordingly, there is very limited information on the Internet.


Here is an eleven minute video on highly-specialized disability planning for entrepreneurs and other high earning professionals, by an American counterpart:


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