Our History

Spectrum Living Benefits was founded in 2010 by Alan Leader. Alan started in the insurance business in 1976. He started actively advising on disability insurance in 1980, and became an independent insurance broker in 1983.

In 1990 he co-founded a successful Vancouver-based boutique firm offering insurance, employee benefits, and financial planning. With the development of Long-Term Care Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance, Alan formed Spectrum Living Benefits to focus on these, and other, "living benefits".

How "Living Benefits" Can Help You

You have plans and goals for your family. However, you have no control over unexpected illness and injury! Living Benefits insurance products are the best way to manage a family's finances and lifestyle through difficult health challenges. Living Benefits allow an unwell person and their family to maintain financial and emotional stability, and have choices in life. We will listen closely to your circumstance and goals and recommend the most appropriate insurance solution. The insurance plan we design will be a road-map to fulfilling your family's personal and financial plans for the future.

What are "Living Benefits"?

Living Benefits Chart
Disability Insurance provides an income for someone who cannot work because of illness or injury.
Ultra-High-Limit Disability Insurance goes beyond what traditional disability insurance companies can offer.
Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump-sum of cash to someone who is diagnosed with one of a list of specified serious illnesses, including "cancer".
Long-term Care Insurance pays when (usually) older people need care in their home or in a care facility.
Medical Access Insurance gives a person access to health care without being stuck on a long medical treatment waiting list.
Employee Benefit Plans allow an employer to provide health and dental and other insurance benefits to employees.

We can help in many situations, such as:

Where are you now?

Where are you going?

To fulfill your plans, protect against
unexpected illness or injury.


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